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COVID-19 and Patras PVTI

COVID-19: It came and changed the lives of all the people worldwide at a professional, social but also at an educational level. It goes without saying that the PVTI Patras did not escape those changes. Education as we knew it was forbidden due to health risks while the asynchronous education is still quite nascent in Greece. For a period of time uncertainty over the developments in the sector of education prevailed.

During these difficult times, the Patras PVTI responded swiftly. Trainers and trainees followed the guidelines provided by the General Secretariat for Vocational Training, Education and Lifelong Learning, the Director Mr. Nikolaos Katsonis, as well as the Deputy Director A’ Mr. George Giotopoulos, who managed to organize both the synchronous and asynchronous education, always in close collaboration with Mr. Nikolaos Katsonis, the PVTI Director. The asynchronous education was almost ready and the only thing missing was for the trainers and trainees to learn to use it as a primary tool and not an auxiliary one.

Up to this point, everything sounds almost normal. In an innovative move, though, the Patras PVTI used Zoom, a video communication platform in order to make teaching easy and give trainees the opportunity to solve questions immediately.

Even trainers that had no relevant knowledge or experience with IT communication tools did their best to complete the teaching of all the relevant material so that the semester would be completed successfully. Almost all classes were daily and both sides adjusted to the new normal in no time resulting in gaining precious time.

The Patras PVTI, with Director Mr. Katsonis in charge, synchronized and organized all the trainers in the best possible way and suggested ways to overcome difficulties presently and effectively, using all the resources available. Deputy Director A’ Mr. Giotopoulos’ powerful participation in programs such as the eTwinning, EPALE and Scientix proved quite helpful and armed him with the capability to evaluate situations and be a valuable ally at the side of Mr. Katsonis, the PVTI Director. Trainers also did their part to help in the success of the project and tried to help the trainees in the best possible way, while most of the times they would not be paid for their efforts. It must be stressed at this point that the asynchronous education was obligatory for both trainers and trainees, not the synchronous one.

This significant success of the Patras PVTI to immediately adjust to the needs of the times shows that even with meagerly means, where there is a will there is a way. What is more important though, it shows that all the trainers, along with Director Mr. Katsonis and Deputy Director A’ Mr. Giotopoulos are determined to lavishly offer trainees everything they can and let nothing stand in the way of them achieving their goals. The same goes for Deputy Director B’ Mr. Papathanasiou, responsible for the technical support of the e-class, who made sure that both trainers and trainees received all the help possible.

Educational institutes that employ such educators can produce professionals who will not only be excellent in their field but will have been taught the way to succeed in life in general.

Reporting – translated by Nektaria Liaskou, Computerized Tax Consultancy – Accounting Office Assistant specialty, for the Patras PVTI blog.

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