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Specialty “Graphic Arts & Electronic Media” – Educational Letterpress Workshop at “Panagiotopoulos- Tipografio ”.

On Monday 02/12/2019, en educational Workshop of the “Graphic Arts & Electronic Media” department took place at the Panagiotopoulos -Tipografio (Industrial Zone of Patras).

The students had the opportunity to create and print on paper typographic compositions in a specially designed work space under the guidance of Mr. Nikos Panagiotopoulos and Mr. Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos. This workshop is part of a larger, cross-cutting project for a calendar design.

The adult trainers Mrs. Olga Apergi and Eleni Pliaka, we thank the Panagiotopoulos brothers, Panagiotis, Aristotelis and Nikos for their hospitality, their contribution in materials, time and knowledge, and above all their willingness to contribute to the department’s efforts for quality training, extroversion and developing partnerships with our city’s established professionals.

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