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23 October 2019

Patras PVTI participated in a meeting of the University of Patras Career Office aimed at informing participants about career opportunities and the tools available to help the ambitious future entrepreneurs succeed.

Mentors from both the academic and business sectors talked about their own experiences, techniques and views of the way to create, develop, promote and finance a startup. How we can go from thinking about a business plan to actually implement it. They demonstrated that when one really wants to achieve something, they can really make it happen, no matter how many obstacles there seem to be.

Speakers brought optimism and urged us to set aside pure logic for a while and adopt innovative thinking.  When there are ideas and willingness, even today one can create things. The right group, with the right people in the right places can lead to success, which cannot be limited or toned down by social or financial problems or by age.

Ignatios Fotiou – TOBEA

Recognizing the need of the PWD for access to the sea and swimming, a simple way to have fun for all others, Ignatios Fotiou created SeaTrack. He combined entrepreneurship and social responsibility, stressing the change of the way people think and their demand that companies should contribute to the social communities they operate in.

Nasos Koskinas – POS4work

Nasos Koskinas started with a  business idea that did not go so well at first, but armed with flexibility and an open mind, he and his team adapted to the needs of the market and made good use of his strong points. As a result, todayy he owns a successful space and helps other start uppers to get off with to a good start.

George Panagiotopoulos – University of Patras professor

Mr. Panagiotopoulos confirmed everything the speakers said quoting Einstein: Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Once again, innovative thinking and imagination seem to be the tools that lead to success.

Athanasios Tsakalidis – University of Patras professor

The best ending of a wonderful meeting. Mr. Tsakalidis talked about all the qualifications one should have in order to succeed with his unique and intense way. Nothing is just given away and sacrifices are necessary to get where you want to be. He showed us that where there’s a will, there’s a way and no limitations. We can do everything. In 10 minutes he managed to summarize the history of Information Technology  and  at the same time, teach valuable life lessons, as useful as the skills and abilities, maybe more! Charismatic speaker!

We would like to thank Mr. Leonidas Theodorakopoulos, responsible for the Development of New Services, Student Advising, Events, University of Patras Career Office, who opened the doors to the youth of the city.

We would also like to thank Mr. Nikolaos Katsonis, Director at Patras PVTI, Mr. George Giotopoulos, Deputy Director of the Patras PVTI and Ms. Matina Vlahou, trainer that accompanied us to this wonderful trip full of knowledge and pursuits.

Translated for the Patras PVTI blog by Nektaria Liaskou, Computerized Tax Consultancy – Accounting Office Assistant specialty.


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