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Patras PVTI has created a Skipper specialty, an extraordinary initiative, which has upgraded its prestige and educating role. The training lasts five semesters and the PVTI aims to provide valuable knowledge and upgrade the level of the trainees on the navigation of yachts.

In an area such as the Western Greece, which presents a large economical and tourist activity with a constant increase of yachting, the creation of such a specialty is a determinant move to drive the youth out of unemployment.

In order to provide a qualitative education, worthy of the expectations from the initiative, the Patras PVTI turned to the Patras Sailing Club for cooperation with its instructors and yachts.

The Patras Sailing Club, along with its officers, is the leader in the nautical and sailing sports events in the area during the last years. It has a huge experience in sailing training due to the several sailing schools and seminars it has realized.

The trainees of the Patras PVTI will be able to acquire valuable knowledge and experiences from the Patras Sailing Club trainers.


Translated for the Patras PVTI blog by Nektaria Liaskou, Computerized Tax Consultancy – Accounting Office Assistant specialty.

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