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Cooperation of the Patras PVTI with the European School Radio

In the frame of planning a new strategy with regards to the cooperation with the local entities of the wider area of the city of Patras as well as the cooperation with web entities in Greece and abroad, the Patras PVTI starts cooperation with the European School Radio in order to inform its audience online about issues concerning job training. The European School Radio has received international distinctions through the Medea Awards 2014, according to which the initiative is highly recommended for deployment in education.


The cooperation of the Patras PVTI with the “Cross-Curricular, Cross-Cultural Radio of the Educational Community” scientific society is part of the opening up of the European School Radio to other entities of the post-secondary and higher education. It was based on an idea of Mr. Giorgos Giotopoylos, Patras PVTI Assistant Director A’, it was supported by Ms. Eytychia Touliou, President of the Board of Directors of the society and was also supported by the positive recommendation of Mr. Nikolaos Katsonis, Director of the Patras PVTI. The shared radio program of the European School Radio – the first student radio – will host productions of the students during a special zone each week, showcasing its prominent place in young journalism. It will create a channel of communication with same-age students from all over the country and will kick start new cooperations with other PVTIs.


This move of outreach of the Patras PVTI continues the several innovations that took place around the country during last school year 2018-2019.

The participation in the European Vocational Skills Week, realized by the European Commission, showcased the abilities trainees can acquire through the presentations and projects of several specialties available at the Patras PVTI. Moreover, the eTwinning and Scientix seminars added to knowledge around educational objects, different ways of teaching (methodologies) and the use of cooperative web 2.0 tools, aiming at developing cooperations both in a national and European level.


The materialization of three eTwinning between the Patras PVTI and the Thermi PVTI, a first between job training – post-secondary education level 5 entities, was also an innovation. As a capstone of the above cooperation, two theatrical shows took place, at the Patras PVTI assembly hall and at the Patras Archaeological Museum.

Finally, last June the Patras PVTI was chosen as a benefiting entity in the eTwinning 2.0 project. It is the only public VTI in Greece participating in the action.

The Stem 2.0 project will materialize during the 2019-2020 school year and will be about the STEM method, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) for educators that have run eTwinning projects.

The Patras PVTI will receive relevant equipment and training in order to create similar projects, focused on the STEM method. The tools that will be used are the free use of the selected programming language of the MIT as a tool (Scratch) and the supporting technology (WeDo,  Microbit και Arduino) aiming at the improvement of knowledge and understanding of the STEM career opportunities the trainees can have.


For yet one more year, the Patras PVTI will participate in innovative programs focused on upgrading the level of the provided training by actively implicating trainees and aims at multiplying cooperations with different entities of the societal spectrum.

Translated by Nektaria Liaskou, Computerized Tax Consultancy – Accounting Office Assistant specialty, for the Patras PVTI blog.

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