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Visiting Achaia Clauss – Computerized accounting specialists

On June 12, the Computerized accounting specialists specialty visited Achaia Clauss.

We visited the grounds of the old winery and Ms. Aggelopoulou explained how the commerce worked back then, what the business procedures were and how the company was organized both in the sector of produce and in the accounting/logistics sector.

It was truly a trip in the past, which showcased how much in common a business of those days has with a business of today but also highlighted the differences.

We would like to thank our tour guide who answered all of our questions eagerly and helped us travel back in time for a few hours and see how such a business operated so many years ago.

Translated by Nektaria Liaskou, Computerized Tax Consultancy – Accounting Office Assistant specialty, for the Patras PVTI blog.

Επίσκεψη στην Achaia Clauss En

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