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The Graphics Design of Printed and Electronic Media Specialty at the Kostis Palamas Cultural Center

Yesterday evening, the grand opening of the “Kostis Palamas – 160 years from the birth of the poet” Exhibition of the PVTI’s Graphics Design specialty took place at the Kostis Palamas Cultural Center. The exhibition included designs and posters, made by the students and constituted a visual arts event dedicated to the poet, motivated by the declaration of 2019 as the year dedicated to the poet by the Patras Mayor.

The students of the Graphics Design of Printed and Electronic Media specialty are educated and trained in the art of optical communication, developing skills in both the visual arts and digital technology. They learn to combine lines, shapes, colors and deconstruct figures and forms. They learn to experiment through arts and techniques to achieve the communication of an optical message from one sender to multiple recipients.

Behind every commercial product there is a graphic designer who designed the logo and packing. Behind every poster, book, company card, wedding invitation, ticket, coupon, advertisement, leaflet, website and several other products, there is a graphic designer who studied their design. Graphic designers are not artists that will showcase their work in personal or group exhibitions and art rooms. They are designers that receive orders from customers, so they do not have the opportunity to independently promote their work.

The people at the Kostis Palamas Cultural Center opened the house of the poet and received the future graphic designers allowing them to “take a step forward, a leap towards the world”, facilitating the effort for openness and communication of the work produced at the Patras Public Vocational Institute to the local community. The grand opening was greeted by the Director of PVTI Mr. Nikolaos Katsonis and the Deputy Director Mr. Georgios Giotopoulos while Mr. Nikolaos Bakrozis, manager of the Kostis Palamas Cultural Center, honored the trainees-creators by offering them the two publications of the said non-profit company, one of which was the A’ volume of the Collected Works of the poet. Ms. Olga Apergi, coordinator of the exhibition and teacher of the Graphic Design specialty, thanked all the contributors. Ms. Andie Gatsou and Ms. Christina Papanikola, learners of the Theater and Cinema Acting specialty, participated at the opening ceremony, reciting Kostis Palamas’ poems and parts of poems.

The house of the poet is brought to life through events at which young, creative people participate trying in various ways to communicate with the work of Kostis Palamas and spread it.

Whoever visits the exhibition, apart from the works of the graphic designers, will have the opportunity to take a tour of the house in which Kostis Palamas was born, which was restored in an exemplary way and is a jewel for the city of Patras.

The exhibition will last until June 15.

Working hours: every day 10:00 – 13:00 and Thursday – Friday open in the evening as well, 18:00 – 21:00.

Translated by Nektaria Liaskou, Computerized Tax Consultancy – Accounting Office Assistant specialty, for the Patras PVTI blog.


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