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Demonstration of the use of fire extinguishers. Specialty: Guardian of Museums and Archaeological Sites

On Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the B1 and B2 divisions of the Guardians of Museum and Archaeological Sites specialty of the  Public Vocational Training Institute of Patras participated, with the initiative of their instructor Soules Yannis, in the information-demonstration of the use of fire extinguishers which was carried out in the premises of the Public Vocational Training Institute by the Patras Fire Brigade. This specialty must have acquired specific skills to cope with the threat of fire that has often damaged our cultural heritage.  Fire Second Lieutenant Christos Petaloudas informed students of the types of fire qualities and of the types of fire extinguishers. Then, the students used the latter by puting of  fire in an iron bucket. Many thanks to Mr. Roumeliotis Nikos, the Fire Brigade Administrator for the cooperation, as well as to the Fire Second Lieutenant Mr. Petaloudas Christos for his substantial and documentary transmutation of his knowledge and experience.

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