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Educational visit at the IONIAN TV Regional station

Educational visit at the IONIAN TV Regional station

In the frame of the “Organization Presentation of Television Stations” Lab Class, the vocational trainees of the 4th semester of the Journalism Editors and Reporters specialty visited the IONIAN TV Regional Station on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, escorted by their instructor, Evaggelos Bourdounis, journalist.

The station’s journalist Mrs. Lina Basta, Chief Marketing Officer (C.M.O) Mr. Dionysis Milesis and Mr. Ioannis Pomonis, journalist, welcomed the vocational trainees and future professional journalists of the Patras’ PVTI at the facilities of the TV station in Patras.

Mr. Dionysis Milesis, IONIAN TV’s CMO, talked to the trainees about the television product offered to 1.500.000 citizens of Peloponnese, South Central Greece and the wide Ionian region that have access to it and which is adjusted to the needs of the local society, without any copying, mimicking or exaggerations, respecting the true needs for information and entertainment.

Mr. Milesis went on to develop the goals and purpose of the TV channel, which are the constant improvement of the quality of its programs, aiming at objective information, education, quality entertainment by technically innovating and using the Green Box technology, available to only few regional TV channels in Greece.

Finally, Mr. Milesis spoke enthusiastically about the first place IONIAN TV channel got at the Regional Media Awards 2016 at the Regional Television category as well as the 5 Grant TV Awards it got, winning the highest distinction among regional channels in Greece.

The educational visit was completed with a tour around the television studio of the channel with Mr. Ioannis Pomonis, IONIAN TV’s journalist and the trainees’ instructor in the 1st semester as the tour guide. Mr. Pomonis talked to them about the difficulties of the profession and he also talked about the high-technology equipment and technology knowledge IONIAN TV possesses.

We would like to thank the IONIAN TV administration for welcoming us to its facilities and helped make this educational visit a reality.


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