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Specialty “Graphic Arts & Electronic Media”. Educational study at the Archaeological Museum of Patras.

Specialty  “Graphic Arts & Electronic Media”.  Educational study at the Archaeological Museum of Patras.

On Thursday 16/05/2019, an educational visit of the “Graphic Arts & Electronic Media” department took place at the Archaeological Museum of Patras. The students had the opportunity to be guided by the museologist Mrs. Georgia Manolopoulou in the Private and Public Life Hall Collection and in the Necropolis Hall Collection, as well as to attend a video for Patras’ Roman aqueduct and Patras’ Roman stadium. At the same time, the trainees photographed the exhibits in order to draw inspiration to create design proposals for commercial use at the museum gift/souvenir shop.

The adult trainers Mrs.  Apergi Olga, Vassilopoulou Stavroula and Trypanagnostopoulou Maria, thank Mrs. Manolopoulou for her warm welcome, the hospitality and the acceptance of our proposal about developing a  cooperation between the department “Graphic Design & Electronic Media” of Patras’ DIEK and the cultural program section of the Museum.

Finally, we were very pleased to find that ex-trainees of the Patras’ DIEK from the department “Museum and Archaeological Site Guard” are now working as guardians in the museum.

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