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Study visit at “Panagiotopoulos Tipografio”, Offset Printing Company

On April 3rd 2019, the Department of Graphic Design…. visited the “Panagiotopoulos Tipografio” at the industrial region of Patras (VI. PE. Patras – Industrial Zone of Patras).

The students had the opportunity to spectate closely and at real time the whole process of a poster printing. Especially, they watched the creation of the digital format, the transfer to the printing plates of the four-color model (CMYK) and its printing with offset method. At the same time, they were guided to the typography’s settings which include a plenty of finishing, folding and bookbinding machines as well as machines for art printing and traditional lithography. The trainees discussed with employees about the skills and the knowledge which the profession of a graphic designer requires. Additionally, the conversation included advice for the attitude they need to have so as to remain competitive and flexible in an environment that is constantly changing both technologically and economically.

We thank deeply the Panagiotopoulos brothers, Panagiotis, Aristotelis and Nikos for their hospitality and willingness to guide us on the working place of their enterprise. They were also eager to answer our questions and accept our desire to organize a letterpress workshop in the future.

The educators Mrs Apergi Olga and Asimakopoulou Eleni anticipate a further collaboration with the awarded and innovative “Panagiotopoulos Tipografio”, Offset Printing Company.



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