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Educational visit at Parparoussis Winery in the context of eTwinning with Thermi PVTI

The trainee of Patras PVTI Chrysanthi Alexandropoulou visited the Parparoussi Winery and together with the help of her tour guide Mrs. Erifili Parparoussi they walked around the winery’s premises. Firstly, she went to the place where the barrels are kept, as well as the vineyard from which they take the grape for Moschato wine. During their walk in the area they discussed about the wine production in the Parparoussis winery, the interest of the customers and their awards. She also learned that the wines are being exported from the Winery to European Countries, e.g. France along with overseas countries such as, United States od America and Canada because it is in their culture to combine sweet wines with their food.
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