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Specialty “Museum and Archaeological Site Guard”. Educational study – visit to Ancient Olympia.

On Monday, March 18, 2019, the B1 and B2 sections of the specialty “Museum and Archaeological Site Guard” of the Public Vocational Training Institute of Patras paid an educational visit to Ancient Olympia.

Initially, the students visited the Archimedes Museum, where they were guided by Mrs. Tina Varela and saw inventions and machines of antiquity, while taking part in educational games. They then walked around Ancient Olympia and the Archaeological Museum. Under the supervision of the educator Mr Soules Ioannis and with the valuable help of the archaeologist Eleni Gouvelou, the trainees came to experiential contact with both monuments and exhibits of global cultural significance, as well as the factual base of keeping an important and demanding archaeological site and museum, obtaining also important information and enriching their skills in the field of basic guarding principles.

At the same time, three brief training sessions took place with guards both in the archaeological site and in the museum. Thanks to these, the potential guards gained specialized knowledge of fire protection, safety, accessibility for people with disabilities, anti-seismic and flood protection, as well as professional ethics.

We thank the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ilia for their hospitality, the guards and especially the guards Marini Nikolakopoulos, Georgiou Panagiotis and Christopoulos Giorgos for their unforgettable zeal and their exemplary professionalism.

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