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European Distinction for Patras PVTI by European Vocational Skills Week 2018

The article can be found here.

The Public Vocational Training Institute of Patras organised 3 different events in order to emphasise how VET and innovation are concepts interrelated. On 14 December 2018, 550 students and 50 trainers attended the central event. The main aim was to present innovations in various fields of vocational training.

The modern trends in tourism and tourism development in Western Greece were presented, followed by a presentation entitled ‘the English language as a tool for communication and development in the tourist industry of the region of Western Greece.’ The workshop continued with the presentation of Accusonus, a high-tech startup company based in Patras. The company has recently entered into an agreement with Adobe by granting it a license for technology that it has patented and will be integrated into its new services. From the specialty Nursery/Childcare Assistant they talked about the prospects and the value of this profession in conditions of economic and demographic crisis. The specialty ‘Aesthetic Art and Make-up Technician’, made a presentation entitled ‘Organic Cosmetics’ followed by the specialty ‘Pharmacy Assistant’ that was represented by two groups of trainers. In the first group, led by Dr. Kyriakos Bourikas, professor of EAP and scientific associate Dr. Evangelos Giannakopoulos, a presentation of ‘Biomass Soap Preparation’ was made. The trainees participated in the presentation. In the follow-up group of trainers, the ‘preparation of cosmetic body cream’ was presented.

On 20 December 2018 a workshop titled ‘Incorporating Scientix in digital literacy of vocational training’ was realised in order for the participants to understand how this platform can enhance their teaching methods and integrate different educational resources in an innovative way. The following day another workshop titled ‘eTwinning in vocational training. Combining technical and digital skills’ took place so as to demonstrate how the cooperation among different institutes concerning VET can broaden our cognitive horizons in ways that we had never imagined before.

A video from the main event is available here.

Photos of the event can be found here.

Nikolaos Katsonis, Director of Patras PVTI

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