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Patras PVTI 3rd event – eTwinning – within the framework of the 3rd European Vocational Education and Training Week.

eTwinning in vocational training. Combining technical and digital skills

The event took place at Patras PVTI, on December 21th, 2018.

According to the Commission (, only 56% of Europeans aged between 16 to 75 have at least basic digital ICT skills.

19% of European citizens have no digital skills at all. They do not know how to search for information online, how to read online news, how to send emails or even how to pay their bills online. Also, 14% of Europeans have never used the internet.

The purpose of this activity has to do with a presentation of eTwinning into vocational training will be given in order to provide today’s trainees and prospective tomorrow’s professionals with the technical and digital skills they need in the modern society we live in.

Tools like web design, instant messaging, eTwinning through its groups, professional development workshops, conferences and events or seminars can play a catalytic role in disseminating information, enhancing existing knowledge and developing skills. The main purpose is to change attitudes and views regarding the use of ICT, especially in the 40+ age categories that have no access to the digital world, while in Greece they have particularly high unemployment rates.

By reinforcing learners with digital skills, we make them more competitive in the labor market while increasing self-esteem and offering either new professional tools in their work or even an alternative in case someone wants to change his/her profession through the different ways that were presented.

The workshop was realized by George Giotopoulos, Deputy Director of Patras PVTI and eTwinning Ambassador for the Regional Unit of Aetolia-Acarnania.

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